Partnership programme

Discover new financial opportunities with Exactly payment system. Our Partnership program is available to individuals and legal persons.

Benefits of Exactly payment system partnership program:

Personal bonus system
Platform access to optimize customer integration
A simple and convenient way to receive funds
Methods for attracting new customers
Promotional materials for the effective provision of information about our payment system
Support at every stage of cooperation

Get rewarded by providing your customers with a full range of our financial solutions.

Become a Partner! Setting up Exactly Partnership program takes no more than a minute, only an email address is required! Exactly Partnership program, is available in several languages, so you can even invite your foreigner friends to try it out. Fill out the sign up form and receive a contract and start our cooperation.

Sign a contract with Exactly Payment System, introduce Exactly to your Merchant, as soon as your Merchant signs a contract with Exactly, you will start receiving your partnership fees.

Our Partnership program is designed for various types of businesses.

  • Startups
  • SaaS or ERP products for large and small enterprises
  • Web developers and digital agencies
  • Private consultants in any field

Control each client independently

Our specially developed platform for partners will provide you with all the necessary data when working with a client.

The system allows you to control the status of customer integration, analyze profitability for each type of business, and view client payments to correctly respond to various changes.

How does it work?
Promote your personal link on the Internet and get up to a percent of our earnings!

With our high-quality payment system, Merchant will receive a payment tool to achieve the best financial results. Partner on the other hand, will receive a full set of tools to increase his profits and best payment solutions for his Merchants.

Overview your Merchants

Our self-developed platform for partners provides you with statistical data on your Merchant. Our platform allows you to overview the status of Merchant integration, analyze expected profitability, and review payments and payment methods used, to correctly respond to various financial challenges.